SONG PICK: Naropa – If Only While I’m Sleeping



SONG PICK: Naropa – If Only While I’m Sleeping

Lush guitars as well as rich and raspy vocals with a slight tremolo in it, set the mood for “If Only While I’m Sleeping”, which starts out a tad bit melancholic yet comes around in the chorus, when things start to look brighter and more optimistic.

Sonically the track captures perfectly what Naropa want to express lyrically when they say that “If Only while I’m Sleeping” is “about contradictions and the difference between reality and dreams, and how it’s difficult coming to terms with the fact that life won’t be perfect like it is in your dreams, things don’t always work out!” If the musical backdrop is as irresistible as in “If Only While I’m Sleeping”, I’m okay with it.

Listen to the groovy gorgeous “If Only While I’m Sleeping”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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