3 Is A Band: Nyre



3 Is A Band: Nyre

Nyre is an indie rock trio based in San Francisco. The band is comprised of Tigran Gevondyan, who plays lead guitar and lends his vocals to the songs, Sevag Makasdjian, who plays bass and sings back up vocals and then there’s also Kevork Demirjian, who plays drums.  A classic three piece! Together they create psych rock inspired melancholic pop.

When I asked Nyre for a band photo, Sevag provided me with the polaroid above and the one you find further down. Looks like the three are truly having fun hanging out together, which just confirms that they have been friends for “our entire lives” as Sevag wrote me.

The three have just began to gig around the Bay Area and will be playing more and more live shows in the coming months. Try to catch them! 

Follow Nyre on Facebook and BandCamp to stay connected and listen to “Tin”, the newest single by Nyre.


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Another really cool song of Nyre is “Myowndiva”. Scratch that! I dig all their songs but listen to this one here and then check out their SoundCloud

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