NEW EP: Lost Woods – Lost Woods



NEW EP: Lost Woods – Lost Woods

Lost Woods are among those bands that once you’ve heard a song of theirs, you’re at least intrigued if not smitten. Just listen to their self-titled debut EP and then decide.

Whatever you’re leaning towards, Lost Woods comprised of Peter White (vocals), Tom Baird (guitar), Sam Baird (guitar), Brayden Leske (bass) and Matt Crago (drums), based in Adelaide, Australia deliver everything a music fan expects from a great indie rock band.

The way Lost Woods’ power vocals and guitar driven rock sounds like, can be compared with what might have happened if Jeff Buckley (vocals) had teamed up with Smashing Pumpkins (fuzzed out guitar vibe) and then turned around to jam with Queen. Just listen to the opening track “Miyolangsangma’s Palace”.

“Vodka Ocean” was the first single to be released earlier this year, which we loved in a heartbeat and made it Song Pick of the Day. With the release of the EP, there are more great songs to choose from, like the more mellow “Billy Zane” and the closing track “Secrets In Our Sleeves”, a beautifully sad ballad.

Listen to the album on SoundCloud and get it on BandCamp.

Follow Lost Woods on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TripleJUnearthed.

Listen to the alluring “Billy Zane”, the debut EP’s second single:

LOST WOODS was written by Lost Woods.
Recorded and mixed by Joseph Cheek at Island Studios, Adelaide and Mastered by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters Studio, Adelaide.
Album artwork, design and layout by Todd Fischer Design

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.01.10 PM

Photo taken by Kylie Louise Groth, showing Sam Baird, Peter White and Tom Baird at RUBIX Warehouse.

… and because it’s just so, so good, here’s Miyolangsangma’s Palace” also. Give it a listen:

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