VIDEO: The Strokes – Threat of Joy



VIDEO: The Strokes – Threat of Joy

I love The Strokes. Period. Julian Casablancas’ solo album “Phrazes for the Young” is my personal go-to-album when I’m looking for something up-lifting. It does its job perfectly. Every single time. And so, featuring “Threat of Joy”, the new video by The Strokes is nothing that anybody and even less so The Strokes themselves would “need”. This post is maybe only for myself. A new song by some of New York’s finest, a new EP, something new to enjoy.

Needless to say that “Threat of Joy” is a well produced kinda surreal visual journey. The song itself is everything fans expect from a Strokes tune, offering the usual swagger and Casablanca’s signature vocals, and while it might not win any new fans, the existing ones don’t get disappointed with that one.

Watch the video to “Threat of Joy” now and get the EP “Future Present Past” on iTunes.

Director: Warren Fu
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
Executive Producer: Haley Moffett
Producers: Jona Ward & Peter Williams
Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell

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