SONG PICK: Ethan & the Reformation – Hollandia



SONG PICK: Ethan & the Reformation – Hollandia

From the start, there’s no escape and falling for “Hollandia” is unavoidable! The new single by Manchester quintet Ethan & The Reformation, is one irresistibly hot, fuzzy alt-rock gem with wistfully raspy vocals, steady beats and stellar guitar work. “Hollandia” comes with a clear 60s vibe yet so fresh and modern and simply totally mesmerizing. No wonder that an agency took note of “Hollandia” and put it to great use in a commercial, featuring a hot male super model, promoting vitamins. The track carries a certain urgency, laced with an inevitable, glorious determination. Feel it for yourself and listen to “Hollandia”, our Song Pick of the Day:

See Ethan & The Revolution live and get “Hollandia” on iTunes. Check out the Wellman ad to hear the song in action:

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