SONG PICK: inc. no world – Waters of You



SONG PICK: inc. no world – Waters of You

Listening to “Waters of You” evokes the feeling of walking on an empty beach, on a warm, not too hot, Summer day, bright sunlight glistening through the waves when it starts to drizzle, just lightly, the sweet water drops mixing with the saltwater ones, when you are setting one bare foot in front of the other, enjoying the feeling to just “be”. So minimalistic and gorgeous! This new single by inc. no world (formerly inc. and Teen Inc.) is unbelievably beautiful without being a glossy, hook-laden pop song. Instead, “Waters of You” impresses through its calm guitar driven flow, slightly off-kilter beats, calm vocals, flowing, gliding, making its way until the mesmerizing climax from where on, there’s only one thing left to do: to start all over again! Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

“Waters Of You” is taken from inc. no world’s highly anticipated sophomore album “As Light As Light”, due September 9 via their own label, No World Recordings.


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