3 Is A Band: Nikki’s Wives



3 Is A Band: Nikki’s Wives

When I listened to Nikki’s Wives for the first time and learned that they are a trio, I knew I had a cool band for our 3 Is A Band feature!

Based in Toronto, Canada, Nikki’s Wives are comprised of Nikki Whitehead, who lends the trio her effortless cool and smoky vocals as well as Dylan Lauzon on guitar and Nate Baylor on drums. With a name like this, I was curious to find out how this came about and thought to asked Nikki herself!

Nikki on the band name: “Dylan (Lauzon, guitar) and I first started playing together about 3 years ago, writing and playing music together. Dylan introduced me to Nate (Baylor, drums) and we all got along really well. The three of us started playing together about a year ago and it just fell together naturally. We all figured that being in this band is the closest we’ll get to being married, so the name also came naturally.” 

Way to go! The three have released an alluring indie-pop debut with “For EVE*R” and the EP is available on iTunes and the streaming services of your choice.

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Check out the sophisticated video to “Lonely Being Cool”:

Nikki’s Wives Tour Dates

Nikky's Wives

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