LATE NIGHT: Passerine – White Shadows and Grey Noise



LATE NIGHT: Passerine – White Shadows and Grey Noise

Australian electronic-trio Passerine deliver with “White Shadows and Grey Noise” a highly infectious new single that makes you want to jump up from wherever you are and start dancing. At the same time though the track can also be an invitation to kick back, relax and simply muse about the “White Shadows and Grey Noise” in life.

To give you an idea about the deeper meaning of the song, here is Phoebe Dubar’s insight: “To me this track felt like anxiety. That inner dialogue you hear, telling you that you’re no good, questioning your every move…. I was doing a meditation course at the time and came across a great quote, along the lines of, “we’d feel much better about ourselves if we could hear the voices of doubt in all the other people around us”. That really stuck with me and I pretty much based the entire song around that idea.”

 Start listening to this gorgeous tune and make up your mind for yourself:

Passerine are Phoebe Dubar (vocals and viola), Alex Gooding (drums) and Ben Murphy (production) from Melbourne, Australia.

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