NEW TRACK: Hudson Scott – Get Down



NEW TRACK: Hudson Scott – Get Down

Listening to Hudson Scott‘s brand new single “Get Down”, I immediately think of lounging by the pool, with a big fruity cocktail in my hand, with a pink straw, turquoise paper umbrella, pineapple decoration and all, soaking up the sun. But that’s not the lyrical intent as Hudson Howard reveals himself: “‘Get Down’ is about pursuing a girl and how the peaks and troughs that come along with ‘the thrill of the chase’ can mess with your melon. It’s about when the same tropes that got you hooked in the first place, start to drive you mad. I particularly like the bottles and the arpeggiating synths.”

In any case, this is a lovely, instantly likable track, and a great addition for any Summer party playlist. Listen to “Get Down” now:

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