SONG PICK: Council – Rust To Gold



SONG PICK: Council – Rust To Gold

Big anthem set-up? Check! Massive sweeping synths sound? Check! Highly infectious? Uplifting? Irresistible? Check, check and check! “Rust To Gold”, the title track of Council‘s recently released five-track EP, is one these songs while maybe a bit over-the-top, it is just so catchy, one can’t help but feel good.

Council is the musical project of  twins Doug (drums) and Andy (guitar) as well as their younger brother Patrick Reeves (vocals/bass), calling Baldwinsville, between Buffalo and Albany in Upstate New York, their hometown. But no place is too small or too out of the way – if the music is cool – for a band not to be discovered and in the case of this trio they can bring big names to the table who helped shaping and producing the sound (details in their Soundcloud bio). “Rust To Gold” is our Song Pick of the day. Give it a listen:

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