VIDEO: Rooms – Stars Beyond



VIDEO: Rooms – Stars Beyond

“Stars Beyond” is a mesmerizing new song by Sydney psychedelic-pop duo Rooms. The video to go with it, tells the charming yet heart-breaking love story between two women. End of story…

…wait! This is one of the videos worth spending time on because of its sheer beauty and emotional depth.

It was developed and shot by the local production crew Varna Park, whose Rory Pearson had already been developing ideas for the video with the leading lady in-mind, actor/director Diana Popovska. Rory Pearson reveals: “I feel that when a relationship ends you tend to have a very real and vivid memory of the good times shared with your partner. Their smell, their smile, their laugh. Kind of like a highlights reel that omits the bad stuff, as though your mind is playing tricks on you. The idea of a sense of shared memory between you and your partner becomes somewhat corrupted or lost in the process. I wanted to convey this by having our leads memories of her partner degrade” – Rory Pearson

Watch the video to “Stars Beyond” and be prepared to go on an amazing rollercoaster ride of feelings, tears, happiness and loss:

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