SONG PICK: Birrrd – Coyote (Part 1)



SONG PICK: Birrrd – Coyote (Part 1)

From Birrrd‘s just released EP “Daisy Chain” comes the single “Coyote (Part 1)” and there’s something highly alluring about the beautifully flowing,  dreamy track with its super laid-back vibe. Ned Joyner, who goes by Birrrd, says about this project:

Last winter, I found myself at a crossroads. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that I decided I needed to extricate myself from the life I had been living, and begin again. I started by going on a three-month retreat with friends who live on a mountain in Northern California called Pilot Peak, which, years ago, was the location of a beacon, as it is the highest peak between Tahoe and the Bay. This project is what came out of the experience: the thoughts and feelings I was having because of the place I was in my life, and the view from the mountain. I hope you enjoy it!”

Yes, I do so much that I made”Coyote (Part 1)” our Song Pick of the Day. Listen here:

There’s an atmospheric band video for the song too, that’s  a little tongue-in-cheek and definitely put a smile on my face:

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