NEW MUSIC: Rynn – Nightfires (EP)



NEW MUSIC: Rynn – Nightfires (EP)

Here at glamglare we love albums and EPs as they allow spending more time with the work of a particular artist. However, finding that time is often hard with the constant onslaught of new music. That’s why we are launching our new category “Listening Party” to showcase EPs and albums we enjoy listening.

There is a blooming pop music scene in Nashville, Tennessee with artists you would rather expect in L.A. One of them is Rynn Kempthorn who records simply as Rynn. With her debut electronic pop EP she enters a crowded field, but she makes her songs stand out with seriousness and some drama that feel rooted in the artist’s personality. My favorite tracks are opener “Linger” and the closing cut “Wild Things” with its heavy dance bass line.

“Nightfires” is self-released and out now. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify or stream the songs on Soundcloud. Follow Rynn on Facebook.

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