LATE NIGHT: Nerve Leak – Moon Pull



LATE NIGHT: Nerve Leak – Moon Pull

In “Moon Pulls”, Sam Friedman, the electronic musician who records as Nerve Leak, captures an intimate moment that scratches the border between joy and pain.

Sam says about the song:

Writing “Moon Pulls” was a unique process for me, because the lyrics came before the music, and usually when that happens, I always alter the lyrics to fit the music. In this case, I left them exactly as they were, which meant bending my voice to fit into the rhythm of the song. I wanted to keep them intact because of how personal they are, and how raw the experience of writing them was for me. In the moment, I was expressing a deeply personal experience of embracing someone I had been longing for, and I wanted to capture the intimacy as vividly as possible, with both light and dark descriptions.

Listen to the track and you can feel it yourself.

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