Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 4: Dirty Dishes // Clones of Clones // Darkbird // Brave Baby // Overlord



Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 4: Dirty Dishes // Clones of Clones // Darkbird // Brave Baby // Overlord

On Saturday, the fourth day of Mondo.NYC we went straight back to The Bowery Electric to see Dirty Dishes, the alternative rock band of singer and guitarist Jenny Tuite for an intimate show (her parents were in attendance). This is a band I certainly want to hear more form.

Clone of Clones at The Delancey (Mondo.NYC)

Next stop should have been MRCH at C’Mon Everybody, but it is virtually impossible to go cross town over to Brooklyn on a Saturday evening, so we ended up to see D.C. indie rock band Clones of Clones at The Delancey, who were also on our must-see list.

Darkbird at Pianos (Mondo.NYC)

From there it is only a short walk over to Pianos where Darkbird from Austin, Texas put on an excellent and engaging show. We are fans now and hope to see them again when we visit their hometown next spring.

Brave Baby at The Delancey (Mondo.NYC)

By that time, the Lower East Side had turned into the usual Saturday night zoo with droves of people walking from bar to bar. On the way back to The Delancey, we ran into our friends Of Clocks and Clouds, who just had finished a non-Mondo show at Fat Baby. Then, arrived at The Delancey, we saw a little bit of Charleston, South Carolina band Brave Baby: the venue was packed by that time.

Overlord at Cake Shop

Last stop of the night was Cake Shop, where we met Kaitlyn Mills, the front woman of Lantrns, who was there for a DJ set later in the evening. The stage, however, belonged to Brooklyn band Overlord, who shares their name with 12 other bands around the world, mostly of various heavy metal genres. In contrast, the Brooklyn version does catchy indie pop and is super entertaining live.

And that was it for Mondo.NYC 2016. From what we saw they had a good start and we are looking forward to the festival again next year.

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