SONG PICK: Argonaut & Wasp – Loser Like You



SONG PICK: Argonaut & Wasp – Loser Like You

“Loser Like You” opens with a big dose of shimmery laid-backness, when the narrative starts and eventually a big dose of  swagger kicks in and one can’t help but sing along to “I don’t want to waste my time waiting on a looser like you”.

Well done, Argonaut &Wasp who provide the following insight about their new single: The song was written late at night, in a state of utter confusion – our minds were cluttered with frustration, an internal bully and an internal underdog, how can we express this feeling of internal conflict but to have these two characters, these two iconic figures come to life through a narrative. We had them play out in our songwriting, the sound design, and the creation of this piece.”

We totally dig the chill and irresistible “Loser Like You” and make it our Song Pick of the Day. Listen to it now:

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