NEW TRACK: Mulàn – Night



NEW TRACK: Mulàn – Night

As it is a thing these days to include down-pitched vocals in electronic music and its many derivates, so it is also a thing for artists to create an aura of mysteriousness around them, and while they are setting up a website and all socials, they are not revealing much else about themselves. Both is true for U.K. newcomer (?) Mulàn, together with another trend, the one of adding accents to words that wouldn’t really require one in any language. However, all eccentricities are excused and forgiven if the result is as refreshingly gripping and simply fantastic as with “Night”, the debut single by Mulàn. “Night” is sparsely instrumented, with crazy beats, piercing guitar lines, intense vocals and this all makes for a highly alluring mix. Listen to “Night” now.

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