3 Is A Band: Bleeker



3 Is A Band: Bleeker

Bleeker originate from Toronto, Canada and will be soon on tour through the U.K. I recently came across their stunning self-titled debut EP and since they are a trio, they are ideal for my #3IsABand series!

Bleeker are comprised of Taylor Perkins (vocals), Cole Perkins (guitars) and Mike Van Dyk (bass) and together they create upbeat indie rock, that makes you want to sing and tap along. This is alt-rock with driving beats, cutting guitars and exquisite vocals that go effortlessly into falsetto territory and this all makes for one highly alluring mix. Can’t wait to hear what the three come up with next!

The video to hit single “Highway” is an entertaining big fun, band video that shows the three in action plus some “on-the-road” narrative. Perfect!

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For the very first time, Bleeker are going on tour in the U.K. as support to Royal Republic and Dinosaur Pile Up, hitting all the major cities including Manchester, Glasgow and London and here is where you can catch them live exactly, including all their U.S. and Canada dates:

bleeker Tour Dates

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