VIDEO: Aircrafting – Tides



VIDEO: Aircrafting – Tides

In New York City, you don’t need to look too far to come up with an idea for a cool video, often the good is obvious and only a subway ride away. And so, Brooklyn indie-rockers Aircrafting set out to visualize their new single “Tides” at the Coney Island boardwalk, tinting everything in moody black and white and voila! out comes an atmospheric end-of-summer video. The visuals wouldn’t be as interesting though, was it not for the infectious “Tides” that comes with a decisive lo-fi style, a certain wistfulness and an overall dreamy, somewhat early 70s vibe.

“Tides” is the single to Aircrafting’s full-length debut album “Dreamers”, out on October 7 via Sinking Spaceship Recordings. Check out the video and if you are in the area, head out to Union Pool Sunday, October 9th to see Aircrafting live.

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