NEW TRACK: Timberwolf – Something That I Said



NEW TRACK: Timberwolf – Something That I Said

“Something That I Said” is immediately likable with its bright melody, the beautiful vocals and the candid lyrics. “Something That I Said” is the new single by Timberwolf hailing from Adelaide, South Australia.  Behind the moniker is singer/songwriter Christopher Panousakis who has written and performed all the instruments on his new single, with the exception of drums (Matt Birkin).

Timberwolf provides insight to the lyrics: “Hopefully “Something That I Said” is the kind of song that encourages people to celebrate feeling imperfect and a little bit shit at making friends and finding lovers, because we’re all really awkward and conflicted and anyone who thinks they’re not is even more-so.” 

Listen to the irresistibly sparkling “Something That I Said”:

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