NEW MUSIC: Bess – Mooncore (



NEW MUSIC: Bess – Mooncore (

Most music follows centuries-old patterns (which are rooted in physics), so it is fascinating to hear when those rules and conventions are broken and rearranged. A new beautiful record of this kind is “Mooncore”, a seven track, 34 minute piece by Copenhagen, Denmark artist Bess.

When harmonies and rhythms no longer build the foundation of a song, it is hard to not feel unsettled: Bess’ soundscapes evoke barren lands where machines of unknown purpose stutter along, haunted by her ghost-like voice. But somehow she manages to plant comfort in this world: the centerpiece, the over nine minutes long “Det / The” has a mesmerizing effect and at some point you feel like it could and should go on forever. After this track ends, there comes relief in form of “Sam / Same” which soothes you with its harmonic synth pad, like a ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

How does this story end? Good or bad? You decide yourself after the two remaining tracks “Som / As” and “Lyd / Sound”.


Mooncore exhibition at ØEN, Copenhagen

“Mooncore” is built from drum kit samples, Bess’ vocals and electronic processing. It is as much an art installation as it is a record, and in fact Bess released it as part of a three days exhibition in Copenhagen. In addition to clay sculptures and performances, she linked digital creation and delivery of music together by selling unique prints of various abstracted screenshots of the music production software Ableton Live.

“Mooncore” is out now. Listen on Apple Music, Spotify.

Stream the entire album on Soundcloud:

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