SONG PICK: Little White Things – Corner Of



SONG PICK: Little White Things – Corner Of

“Corner Of” starts out so bright and enchanting one can’t help but being instantly hooked! The new single by Irish/Swedish duo Little White Things makes use of a lot of different elements to create this mesmerizing stunner of a song. There are diverse layers in “Corner Of”, multiple instruments but never all at once and not necessarily throughout the song, samples, sound bites, lots of reverb and even popular lyric pieces like “Lucy in the sky”. In regards to “Corner Of” the Aristotle quote “the sum is greater than its parts” holds once again true in all its glory.

Listening to “Corner Of”, I feel reminded of early MGMT and remembered my excitement from back then. I get a similar feeling of total bliss by playing “Corner Of” on repeat. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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