SONG PICK: Matt Elleray – Talk Baby



SONG PICK: Matt Elleray – Talk Baby

“Talk Baby” by British singer/songwriter Matt Elleray features dark and sultry vocals over clear and bright guitar chords, some hand-clapping (which always appeals to me) and an ultra-cool guitar solo near the end of the laid-back and mesmerizing track.

When communicating with Matt, I asked him about the song’s meaning and here’s what he has to say about the single: “The song itself is just a love song really, the lyrics pretty much speak for themselves, the song being about some lad attempting to meet up with some girl who he hasn’t seen in a while but has dated in the past. The line ‘Will you still recognise me now, on the other side’ suggests he has changed his ways and hopes they can start over.”

Thanks, Matt! I totally dig “Talk Baby” and haven’t made up my mind yet whether I like the vocals or the guitar solo more… this is our Song Pick of the Day:

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