EXCITED ABOUT: Young Summer / Krusoe / Alpines / Slothrust / Jasmine Rodgers



EXCITED ABOUT: Young Summer / Krusoe / Alpines / Slothrust / Jasmine Rodgers

Plenty of new full-length albums and EPs came out today and we are especially excited about the following new releases:

Krusoe – Give Up The Coast

Remember Krusoe‘s awesome “Rivers Run Riot”? We made it Song Pick of the Day a little while ago. And there’s more where this came from! Krusoe released his debut EP and it is diverse as it is good. The upbeat and happy “Give Up The Coast” is certainly quite a departure from the previous moody single. (Apple Music | Spotify) ^Elke

Young Summer – You Would Have Loved It here

Bobbi Allen aka Young Summer shows how intelligent, meaningful pop music is done on her latest EP “You Would Have Love it Here”. (Apple Music | Spotify) ^Oliver

Alpines – Another River

The London duo Alpines walks the line between electronic music and soul with perfection on their new album “Another River”. (Apple Music | Spotify) ^Oliver

Slothrust – Everyone Else

The brooklyn three-piece Slothrust around singer and songwriter Leah Wellbaum does energetic, raw rock at its best. (Apple Music | Spotify) ^Oliver

Jasmine Rodgers – Blood Red Sun

“Blood Red Sun” the debut album by Jasmine Rodgers (daughter of a Japanese poet and vocalist Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame) is a beautifully quiet album featuring Jasmine Rodgers glorious songwriting and her unpretentious yet alluring vocals often only accompanied by either her ukulele or guitar. (Apple Music | Spotify) ^Elke

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