NEW MUSIC: Lillet Blanc – Lillet Blanc [EXCLUSIVE EP PREMIERE]



NEW MUSIC: Lillet Blanc – Lillet Blanc [EXCLUSIVE EP PREMIERE]

Lillet Blanc is the musical project of Emily Rawlings and Sean Camargo who “write nice moody songs with a lil sass” as per their own description and it is spot on. Lillet Blanc’s debut EP is exactly that, three tracks of lovely songs that offer a first taste of alluring songs with the promise of more to come.

We are thrilled to exclusively premiere Lillet Blanc’s debut EP today.

Emily Rawling filled us in about the background of “Now and Yours” the last track on the EP: A sweeter song than I typically write, this touches upon the fragility and futile nature of future hopes – on realizing that we have no control over who we care about or how or when. It expresses how I often both want and fear comfort and how important it is to understand the different shades of comfort that each individual person strives for. Of letting yourself be something to somebody even though you understand your own pitfalls regarding such an undertaking. This song, to me, is the most open and curious song of the EP, the most open to possibility, the one I wrote while feeling helpless in the best way possible.”

It’s a good choice to be sent off with “Now and Yours” making us want more and looking forward to new releases.

While Emily Rawlings and Sean Camargo both share songwriting credits and also both sing on their EP, Sean also takes on guitar and drum duties, with support on bass by Andre Bellido, whose musical project is Plastic Waves where Sean plays drums for live performances. It’s wonderful to see when great creative minds and musicians are finding each other for collaborations.

Listen to Lillet Blanc’s debut EP and get swept away in dreamy guitar driven sound that is as infectious as it is alluring:

Follow Lillet Blanc on Facebook and Bandcamp. If you’re in New York come out to see Lillet Blanc perform live on November 17 at The Delancey. More info here.

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