NEW MUSIC: King Neptune – A Place To Rest My Head (EP)



NEW MUSIC: King Neptune – A Place To Rest My Head (EP)

There is something refreshing and simply gorgeous about a straightforward modern rock song. No frills, no unnecessary bells and whistles, but a solid structure, a good story to tell, pleasing instrumentation and great vocals. “A Place To Rest My Head”, the recently released EP by King Neptune, offers exactly that: four great rock songs, each with its own story, and beautifully executed.

King Neptune is the music project of Ian Kenny, based in New York City. When asked about “A Place To Rest My Head”, Ian offers the following insight: “A Place To Rest My Head” is a collection of tunes I wrote in my head. Each song was approached in a  pretty different way dynamically, and tells a specific story about various points in my life.  My vision for this project is sonically inspired by 90’s chaos, surf pop, and folk story telling.  I have so many more stories to tell, and I’m stoked people can finally hear the roots of King Neptune.” He also doesn’t doesn’t seem to run out of material just yet, with another EP planned for early next year.

Aside from “Blackhole”, a song about “the emotive state of the early state of writing sessions for King Neptune”, there is “All Night” in which Ian Kenny combines his love for 50s pop music with fuzzy surf rock. Listen to “All Night”:

Then there is “Thrown In Reverse”, which “is about giving into temptation and being so self-aware that you feel like you owe it to yourself to make some bad decisions. I think you can learn a lot about yourself by making some bad decisions.”

Closing out the superb album is “Alabastard”, hands-down my favorite track on the EP. Wondering which insight Ian can provide to this one? “Overall, Alabastard is about looking back at your life and coming to terms with how things have panned out based on a combination of the decisions you had made and the people you had surrounded yourself with. I love how up-beat and bright the tune is yet the lyrics are self-reflective and brutal.” Love it! Listen to “Alabastard” now:

Follow King Neptune on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram. Stream “A Place To Rest My Head” on Spotify and iTunes. Involved in bringing the EP to live were also Steve Kupillas, Tommy Fleischmann, Jordan Schneider, Tom Costa, and Chris Chu.

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