SONG PICK: Orchards – Honey



SONG PICK: Orchards – Honey

Brighton quartet Orchards create ‘math pop’ and since I haven’t heard of the term yet until now (how come?) I gave “Honey” a listen and researched the term of course. As for the Orchards’ new single “Honey”, it is beautifully buzzing, with a very interesting flow and an overall fizzy pace. And that’s also already basically what ‘math pop’ is: due to its rhythmic complexity the style is seen as mathematical in character, hence the name. As for the lyrics, the band provides the following insight: “The lyrics are two-fold, you could say they’re about unrequited love and the chemistry that that situation ignites between two people. On the other hand you can think about the lyrics in the context of the bee crisis and how those lovely things are currently in danger. Yes our vocalist is a bit obsessed with bees…”

Listen to the highly alluring “Honey”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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