Favorite Top 10 Albums of 2016 – Oliver’s Picks



Favorite Top 10 Albums of 2016 – Oliver’s Picks

In 2016 it felt harder than usual to put together a best-of list and looking around there is surprisingly little consensus beyond a few established superstars. But here we go: my favorite ten albums, in loose order:

Young Magic – Still Life

The third album of Brooklyn duo Young Magic is inspired by singer Melati Malay’s exploration of her Indonesian ancestry. The result is a beautiful, effortless blend of acoustic and electronic elements. (Review | Apple Music | Spotify)

Warpaint – Heads Up

With Warpaint’s third album, their most self-confident and consistent work up to date, the L.A. four-piece arrives in a class of its own. (Apple Music | Spotify)

Hælos – Full Circle

London trio Hælos debut album is a dark and intense affair and their live shows are brilliant. (Review | Apple Music | Spotify)

Negative Gemini – Body Works

Negative Gemini , the project of Brooklyn producer/singer Lindsey French released a beautiful debut album of dance music light and fresh like a sunrise at the beach. (Apple Music | Spotify)

Jessy Lanza – Oh no

The Canadian singer/producer Jessy Lanza put out an album that hits the exact sweet spot between up-to-date and classic dance music. (Review | Apple Music | Spotify)

L.A. Girlfriend – Neon Grey

“Neon Grey” by L.A. singer/songwriter L.A. Girlfriend is a collection of minimalistic, straightforward and beautiful songs. (Review | Apple Music | Spotify)

Cross Record – Wabi Sabi

Emily Cross’ vocals are the guiding thread through this diverse, shapeshifting musical landscape by Austin duo Cross Record that demands undistracted listening. (Review | Apple Music | Spotify)

Let’s Eat Grandma – I, Gemini

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth of Let’s Eat Grandma ignore all pop music conventions as much as the life-saving comma in their band name. (Airwaves Show | Apple Music | Spotify)

Wildhart – Shine

Wildhart’s “Shine” is a wonderfully weird indie pop album and I could listen to Ylda Holmdahl singing all day anyway. (Apple Music | Spotify)

Alpines – Another River

London duo Alpines released a gem of powerful, essential pop music with their second album “Another River” (Apple Music | Spotify)

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