NEW ALBUM: Sea Caves – Bright Forest



NEW ALBUM: Sea Caves – Bright Forest

sea caves
Acoustic instruments, like flutes, violins and stripped-down guitars I find often too serious, too self-important for my taste and when I heard the single and opener “Spanning the River” of “Bright Forest” with its lively, upbeat flute melody, I would not have thought how much I appreciate the album. But there is no artificial restraint here: the music takes many turns and becomes massive and cinematic at times.

The album title nails the mood of the music: Sea Caves leads the listener through some place like a sun-flooded, bright forest. The record is feels like  a celebration of nature, its beauty and sometimes its danger.

Sea Caves is a four piece from Portland, Oregon where there is not shortage of impressive nature. It is out now on Bandcamp.

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