SONG PICK: Dot Hacker – C Section



SONG PICK: Dot Hacker – C Section

It’s been a while since L.A.-based experimental quartet Dot Hacker dropped an album, a good two years to be more precise, but January 20th will be brightened by the release of their third full length album, fittingly titled “N°3”. Ahead of the record comes “C Section” and if the track is any indication, the album will be extraordinary! Where to begin to describe “C Section”? With the intelligent rhythm and its tweaks and turns? With the beautiful guitar and bass lines? The unique vocals and singing style? If hard pressed, then “C Section” comes close to everything I always loved about Radiohead, and so I am very much looking forward to Dot Hacker’s entire new album. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now, and pre-order the album to maybe even get it in striking pink:

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