RELEASED TODAY: Fufanu – Liability



RELEASED TODAY: Fufanu – Liability

Mark your calendars! On February 3rd, Fufanu‘s brilliantly teasing single and video releases will all be found on their full length album “Sports”. YES, here’s no doubt that the record will be nothing short but magnificent, for fans of intelligently made indie rock that’s a bit more on the experimental side anyway. “Liability” is the latest single from Fufanu, currently Iceland’s hottest export.

“Liability” is meant to be more than ‘just’ a great new track because lead singer Kaktus Einarsson provides the following background: “Liability is a song about our responsibility as a dot in a society. Without wanting to take a public stand with or against Brexit, the new President of USA or even just the recent parliament election in Iceland they all had one thing in common: Lack of votes by the younger generation. It’s truly sad that things are going the way they are, that people actually don’t care about their society because their life is going all right and they are numb towards the existence of the society. Even if you don’t feel like you belong or have anything to say, there is always something you care about, just like in a party. There are some that like to be loud and be the center of it all, while some just feel more like having a good conversation and so on. All groups have something to say and should do, your liability towards society can make a change that lasts longer than the lifetime of a tree.”

Kudos and thanks, Kaktus! Now, I am even more looking forward to listening to the entire album and remember fondly having seen Fufanu live and am stoked about the opportunity to having exchanged a few words with Kaktus. Listen to “Liability” and go see Fufanu live because… just go (more here):

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