SONG PICK: Salt Cathedral – Fragments



SONG PICK: Salt Cathedral – Fragments

With their new single “Fragments”, ahead of their debut album “Big Waves // Small Waves”, the Columbian-born and New York-based  electro pop duo  Salt Cathedral cement their place in the ranks of  the finest avant-garde pop bands and 2017 should be totally their year. Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada, the two enigmatic musicians behind Salt Cathedral, wrote the song at a time where a lot of people felt things go wrong. Here’s what Juliana says about “Fragments”:

Fragments is the effect that conflict takes on us – making us crumble into small pieces as we hope to find balance and strength to reattach. Conflicts big and small, on an everyday personal basis and those of humanity – all they do is break us. What I want to say with this song is that we can “calibrate” our love. It takes an active, rather than a passive attitude to tune into love and tune into empathy and not hurt others around us, to not argue in what I call “the wrong way” which is arguing with hatred and fear. We’ve all seen way too much of this lately. I believe we can calibrate our love.” 

Listen to this edgy, strangely blissful and totally gorgeous track, our Song Pick of the Day:

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