SONG PREMIERE: Karolina Rose – Move With Me



SONG PREMIERE: Karolina Rose – Move With Me

“Move With Me” by Brooklyn singer/songwriter Karolina Rose is a beautiful synth-pop track with more than one nod towards some 80s classics. In that sense, the song is close to what Canadian band Austra does, but where their singer brings in operatic quality, Karolina stays on the rockier side, her voice cracking with Dave Gahan style vulnerability. The song is about the conflicting things that love can do to you: “On one hand, it’s about that struck-by-lightning, almost paralyzing, feeling you get when love first hits you, that’s the verses. Yet, the intensity makes you want to race forward and indulge in it even more, that’s the chorus.” says Karolina. Listen to the premiere of “Move With Me”, our Song Pick of the Day.

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