SONG PICK: Childcare – Kiss?



SONG PICK: Childcare – Kiss?

“Kiss?” is a song that immediately mesmerizes with its interplay of different vocals, with the chorus/melody background delivered by gorgeous female vocals with male verses over it. As much as I was immediately taken by “Kiss?”, I was sort of surprised by the band name Childcare which has just the most charming background though, because Ed Cares, singer and frontman of Childcare, used to be one of West London’s most thought after nannies. And if this wasn’t an enchanting story enough, the inspiration for “Kiss?” has even more to offer:

While waiting at the school gates to pick up the child I look after, I went to say hi to a couple of the mums I knew in the playground. I went to kiss one on the cheek just as she leant forward to pick something up from her bag on the ground. This left me hovering mid-air above her for a few seconds, at which point instead of returning to my natural standing position, I decided to draw her attention to my predicament by posing the question: ‘Kiss?’ She rose, we greeted, I blushed.”

Listen to “Kiss?”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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