SONG PICK: John Joseph Brill – I’m Not Alright



SONG PICK: John Joseph Brill – I’m Not Alright

A sentiment we wouldn’t easily admit, not to strangers, not to friends and maybe not even to ourselves: “I’m Not Alright”, the new single by London-based singer/songwriter John Joseph Brill. With its sparse instrumentation and alluring melody, the track leaves room to let the beautiful and warm baritone vocals enchant us.

What is the inspiration for “I’m Not Alright”? John Joseph Brill in his own words: “At the time of writing the song I’d just been through a break-up and found myself broke and with nowhere to live. And while superficially that’s what the song’s about, it grew into something deeper for me. These are strange and uncertain times and I really believe that no matter what your story is, everyone should feel like if they need to, they can raise their hand and say ‘I’m Not Alright’ and for that to be OK.”

Meaningful statement and a wonderful song to go with it. Listen to “I’m Not Alright”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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