NEW MUSIC: Sarah Walk – Still Frames (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Sarah Walk – Still Frames (Video)

Song and video took me by surprise, by storm actually, because I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions. Calm, soothing and stunningly beautiful vocals, singing lyrics of poetic beauty, sparse instrumentation and a rarely told story – all this make “Still Frames” a stand-out song plus video. Sarah Walk, the Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter in her own words: “…with the video I wanted to touch on all of those things with a strong narrative. In the video you follow two older men as they reflect back on the moments of when they met and their relationship as it grows and strengthens. It’s an insight into those details that lead you to the past, seeing images of what you have built with someone and then navigating through the process of having to let go of something that you care deeply about.”

Watch “Still Frames, directed by Stefanie Kolk, now:

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