EXCITED ABOUT: Loose Buttons, Tempers, Family Friends, Ravines, Chick Quest



EXCITED ABOUT: Loose Buttons, Tempers, Family Friends, Ravines, Chick Quest

Lots of new full-length albums and EPs came out today and we are especially excited about the following new releases:

Loose Buttons – Sundays

Ever since I listened to “Am I The Only Reason” by Loose Buttons, I loved the band from the spot and made the track Song Pick of the Day. The year is still young but I know that this track will end up in my favorite songs of 2017 and who knows, maybe the EP as well, because it is full of emotion and beauty. The New York-based quartet just wrapped up their month-long residency at Pianos, and they were live as exciting as their recorded material. (Photos and show review to come). Listen to the EP on SoundCloud or Spotify and get your copy of the album on iTunes^Elke 

Listen to another stellar track from “Sundays”, the alluringly bouncy “Milk & Roses”.

Tempers – Fundamental Fantasy EP

The new EP “Fundamental Fantasy” by New York duo Tempers is intense, dramatic and nocturnal and everything else what I love in music. (Apple Music | Spotify). ^Oliver

Family Friends – Look The Other Way EP

London via Melbourne brother/sister duo Family Friends created four catchy, melodic rock songs for their new EP “Look The Other Way”. (Apple Music | Spotify). ^Oliver

Ravines – Ordinary EP

And another EP by a male/female duo: Australian band Ravines (fka Ophelia) present five new songs with Alex Louise’s vocals front and center over organic sounding electronics. (Apple Music | Spotify). ^Oliver

Chick Quest – Model View Controller

Austrian four-piece Chick Quest’s second album is full of weird pop songs with many surprising moments. Listen from start to end! (Apple Music | Spotify). ^Oliver

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