NEW MUSIC: Oyinda – Serpentine (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Oyinda – Serpentine (Video)

Oyinda’s “Restless Minds” was one of my favorite EPs last year. Now she is following up with a video that blurs real and visual reality.

Oyinda explains: “Whilst writing ‘Serpentine’ I was studying hypnosis, specifically instances where patients wind up referring to themselves in the third person; they see themselves outside their own sensory systems. When I developed the initial concept for the video I wanted to expand this phenomenon, and create a piece with layered transformations -not just a shift to colour, but a shift in reality. I wanted to push the visuals beyond my own capabilities, so collaborating with Pussykrew was key. In the end the video follows the venom.”

Watch “Serpentine” now:

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