WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Harry Pane – Fletcher Bay



WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Harry Pane – Fletcher Bay

Leave it to musicians to cope with tragic loss in the most amazing way. “Fletcher Bay” with its -as contradictory as this may sound- upbeat melancholy is like golden sunshine after a dark and heavy thunder-storm. Singer-songwriter Harry Pane dedicated “Fletcher Bay” to his late father, who sadly passed away last year, yet both shared a common connection with Fletcher Bay in New Zealand, hence the title. “Together we can go, fly away, together we can find Fletcher Bay”. The engaging melody and deeply felt sentiments like “but I’ve returned to say, that I will leave and you will stay, your heart, your soul belongs at Fletcher Bay” do not need much more than Harry Pane’s soulful, raspy-smooth vocals and finger picking skills. Listen to “Fletcher Bay” now:

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