SONG PICK: JOHN.k – Runnin



SONG PICK: JOHN.k – Runnin

From the start, “Runnin” is a simply irresistible track that knows exactly when to go big and when to give room to the absolutely gorgeous vocals because the arrangement enchants with its bold yet also introspect, tender moments. “Runnin” is the debut single by singer-songwriter JOHN.k providing us with a glimpse of what to expect from his full-length album with an anticipated Summer release date. More about the track by JOHN.k himself: “Runnin’ was the catalyst that sparked the entire project. When we first tracked it over unpolished production, the team and I felt like we had stumbled into something special. The hard part was not screwing it up. Anytime we would experiment and change things in the record, we would always end up going back to the way we originally recorded the idea. It was raw, troubled, connected, and dynamic. It just felt good there.”  No screwing up here – the beautiful dynamic is definitely there! Listen to “Runnin”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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