SONG PICK: SANDS – Poison In You



SONG PICK: SANDS – Poison In You

“Poison In You” by London-based multi-instrumentalist SANDS is a super gorgeous fusion of stellar guitar work, rhythm and electronics. The track is cut from his upcoming self-titled EP with a release date April 14th. Andrew Sands, the artist behind the moniker SANDS in his own words about the song: “Being a multi-instrumentalist, it was quite natural to kind of develop the idea of the arrangement at the same time as the songs flew, so I was eager to get in the studio and see how things came out. It was fun and exciting losing myself in the process of building the whole sound, as well making some room for experimenting and improvising. Sometimes is easier, other times it seems you have to struggle a bit.” Listen to our Song Pick of the Day:

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