SONG PREMIERE: Hardcastle – Millennial Attraction



SONG PREMIERE: Hardcastle – Millennial Attraction

Nashville based quintet Hardcastle releases “Millennial Attraction” after “Paralyzed” and “No Big Deal”, two beautifully crafted indie rock songs. The gorgeous “Millennial Attraction” kicks it up a notch with its catchy chorus and instant appeal. While the lyrics might suggest a melancholic track when lead vocalist Graham Laderman declares “you hold me close to the telephone but if I am being honest I just feel so alone” the track’s vibe is beautifully upbeat, playful and optimistic. It is the contrast of lyrical context versus playful melody, enchanting guitar work plus warm, soulful vocals lend the song its special appeal. Graham reveals about their new single:

“Millennial Attraction has been a long time coming and we are so thrilled to release it. It is an exposition on modern relationships and the way in which these relationships undergo stress and touches on how those involved react. In a way it’s almost a misguided love song.

If semi-love songs come along that dazzling, I’d take them anytime! We are excited to premiere “Millennial Attraction” as our Song Pick of the Day:

Find “Millennial Attraction” also on Spotify.

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