Shukura Chapman’s current top five Australian and New Zealand Artists



Shukura Chapman’s current top five Australian and New Zealand Artists

We totally agree with Shukura Chapman: there is a lot of fantastic music coming from Australia and New Zealand. We have covered many of them here on glamglare and we saw several excellent shows at SXSW a few weeks ago.

Shukura herself hails from both countries and just came out with a new song “Release Me” from her EP “Rearview”:

She also gave us a playlist with five of her current favorite artists from Australia and New Zealand – none of them I have heard about before:

Average Rap Band – El Sol – Album

El Sol features mellow beats with an old school feel by a talented hip-hop duo from New Zealand. The lyrics strike the perfect balance of playful, witty and conscious. The album is one of those ‘listen start to finish and repeat’ multi-layered releases that keeps getting better with every listen. Easily one of my favorite releases of 2016!

Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose your weapon – Album

This Melbourne based band blend jazz, funk, soul and just about every other genre out there. The way they switch rhythms and tempos multiple times in a song is incredible! The musicianship and creativity is world class and Nai Palm’s powerhouse voice fits perfectly over top. Choose your weapon is an inspired breath of fresh air.

Matt Corby – Telluric – Album

Telluric is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard. Each track fits perfectly together and every time I listen top to bottom I fall into a kind of trance. The first time I heard Telluric I was blown away by the depth, songwriting and Matt’s soulful voice and still frequently come back to it.

Tash Sultana – Notion – Single

Tash is a solo multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne and has been steadily blowing up the last few years. She created Notion from her loop pedal and it’s beautiful. Her vocals and the spacy guitar layers are mesmerizing, gently building until the gritty guitar solo hits and takes the song to another level.

Wallace – Raffled Roses – Single

Wallace has a unique voice and paired with her writing style and the production on this track it all just works perfectly together. It’s refreshing to find a song that doesn’t sound like anything else out there! She’s from New Zealand and I was lucky enough to hear her live last year and she was amazing.

Thank you, Shukura! This is beautiful music and I certainly will listen more to these artists.

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