VIDEO PREMIERE: Mike Sal – Nation of Love



VIDEO PREMIERE: Mike Sal – Nation of Love

Something new and exciting comes from Atlanta, Georgia! Singer/songwriter and producer Mike Sal just finished the video to his irresistibly delightful new single “Nation of Love” and we are overjoyed to premiere the track and the visuals today. As a producer, Mike Sal doesn’t shy away to mix styles that at first glance or listen wouldn’t necessarily go together. Yet in his typical style, Mike Sal successfully blends Latin rhythm with EDM power, uses English and Spanish lyrics, and then… wait, no, not a guitar but a violin solo! This is all so highly danceable that a DJ spinning “Nation of Love” should fill a dance floor every single time.

When asked about some background for his brand new single, Mike Sal confesses: I believe in the good in people and the power of music. They bring out the best in life. It’s important that we dance together, because in order to dance together, we have to listen together.” I love this sentiment as much as the fun visuals to this truly diverse and crazy catchy song. Watch “Nation of Love” now:

Check out the EP with some incredible remixes from Vincenzo Salvia, Denis The Menace, and Nitro Nation on Spotify and iTunes.

For your SoundCloud playlist:

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