PHOTOS: Elle Exxe Live at Tellers (SXSW)



PHOTOS: Elle Exxe Live at Tellers (SXSW)

Elle Exxe is a Scottish singer, songwriter and producer, who creates delicious pop songs, performed with verve! While we already totally enjoyed her live show last year for Mondo.NYC (review here), we were blown away by experiencing her live with a full band!

Linda Harrison, who goes by Elle Exxe, leaves no doubt about who’s in charge. The three musicians on guitar, bass and drums who also deliver powerful background vocals, harmonize perfectly with the lady boss. All dressed in white and the band even with white face paint, they put on a show that easily belonged to the top ones of the festival.

Elle Exxe sings catchy pop songs, with depth and meaning, and does so in a powerful and brilliant way. She is as amazing live as recorded and I am afraid that soon enough we no longer be able to see her close and personal. We wish Linda and her band all the attention and love they deserve!

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== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==


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