SONG PREMIERE: The Legends – Riding The Waves



SONG PREMIERE: The Legends – Riding The Waves

Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived! Exuding a nostalgic 70s vocoder and analogue synthesizer vibe while simultaneously sounding like something from the future yet to come, that is what “Riding The Waves” is going for. The galaxy-groovy “Riding The Waves” is the newest single by Sweden’s The Legends (Johan Angergård) and taken from the artist’s third album “Nightshift”, out today via Labrador Records.

The albums’ 16-track collection was inspired by the funkiest electronic music the artist could find: “I love Futurism. I love the dynamism of modern technology. I love the endless possibilities… ‘Nightshift’ might be a night album, but it’s lit up by neon.” Boah! “Riding The Waves” is as spacey cool as it is danceable with its funky bass and vocoder estranged, beautiful vocals.

Johan Angergård reveals further: ”’Riding The Waves’ started out as a smokey electronic space-funk jam inspired by Felt “Space Blues”. I always loved the bubbly, laidback yet funky organ-synths in their song.” 

We love bubbly vibes too and are psyched to premiere the ultra-chill “Riding The Waves” today:

Find “Riding The Waves” also on Spotify and get a copy of the double vinyl here.

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