SONG PICK: MOTIONS – All I’ve Ever Known



SONG PICK: MOTIONS – All I’ve Ever Known

Dublin-based indie-rockers MOTIONS deliver a stunner of a song with “All I’ve Ever Known”. Slowly, yet relentlessly building, the track takes on an almost overwhelming intensity until it eventually bursts into this infectious mantra like release. MOTIONS provide the following background to their new single: “All I’ve Ever Known’ centers around the traces left behind after loosing someone close to you. Emotive and exposing, the song is raw, energetic and reflective of the chaotic elements we experience in the grief of loss.” 

They totally hit a nerve here and “All I’ve Ever Known” expresses all this and more, in massive sonic beauty. Listen to “All I’ve Ever Known”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Find “All I’ve Ever Known” on Spotify and iTunes.

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