SONG PICK: The Big Drops – By The Water



SONG PICK: The Big Drops – By The Water

“By The Water” is a light and joyful single, that feels like fresh air after a brisk summer rain or the clean, bright light after a Thunderstorm. It is just absolutely gorgeous and maybe its title alone already makes the association to water heavy images. “By The Water” is taken from the debut album “Time, Color” by New Jersey four-piece The Big Drops.

Vramshabouh Kherlopian (lead guitar, backing vocals) reveals: “We feel like our music touches on a variety of different vibes and colors. So we like to think the overall theme of this album is diversity of life, the different emotions there are, and how we can express different feelings while still being the same person. Essentially, life is complex and beautiful, is the theme.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day and daydream a little:

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