Q&A with Polar States



Q&A with Polar States

When I first listened to “Gold” by Polar States, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature their latest single as our Song Pick of the Day. But why stop at one song if there is a stellar five tracks EP to present as well? Or why not go all the way and feature the band behind the music? Hence, today’s Q&A special with Polar States from… Liverpool, you know this place in North West England that breeds and nurtures great indie rock bands!

To get into the groove, watch the charming and intriguing band video to “Gold”:

Now let’s dive into frontman Paul Tong‘s answers to our questions:

Q: What was the last song that got stuck in your head?
A: Face Like Thunder by The Japanese House.

Q: What was the first album you have ever bought? Digital, vinyl, CD or cassette tape?
A: Be Here Now by Oasis on CD.

Q: Do you still have this album?
A: Somewhere back home yeah!

Q: Is there a song you’d like to cover?
A: Titanium by Sia

Q: Playing live, what has been your favorite venue so far? And why?
A: Headlining the Liverpool o2 Academy. Its one of our favourite venues and it sounds and looks amazing.

Q: If you could direct support anybody on tour, who would it be?
A: Coldplay.

Q: If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be and why?
A: I really want an upright piano. Whenever I sit at one I start writing songs but I can’t get one in our rehearsal room or in the flat.

Q: If I were to visit Liverpool, the city you are based at, where would you take me to experience indie music live?
A: Probably The Zanzibar because its been the epicentre of music all the time i’ve lived in Liverpool.

Q: If you could choose to live in a decade (music, style, etc.) which one would it be?
A: The one we’re in. Genres don’t exist anymore and I think that’s class.

Thanks a lot Paul. It is always highly inspiring to learn more about a favorite band. Hope you will get this upright piano in the near future because it will be amazing to hear what you can do with it!

Listen to Polar States’ gorgeous EP “Everything” on Spotify and find it also on iTunes:

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