SONG PICK: Kylypso – Blame Love



SONG PICK: Kylypso – Blame Love

This is how the summer of 2017 could sound like: without focusing on one particular sound per se, but taking from different styles, blending them with a big portion of wistfulness thrown in. “Blame Love” is the new single by East London indie electronic three-piece Kylypso. Most likely, by the end of summer, some might blame love for this or that in deed but who cares if there’s a song as gorgeous to go with as “Blame Love”? Have we known steel drums mostly for their rhythm effect and associated with Caribbean sunshine, Kylypso are using the steel drum sounds here for a more dramatic effect, more like an (electronic?) embellishment than putting them front and center and this deliberate usage might very well give the track its ultra cool vibe.

Listen to “Blame Love” our Song Pick of the Day and stream “Blame Love” also on Spotify:


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